Landscaping Services for Bella Vista

Site Prep & Lawn Renovation services for NWA
Retaining Walls, Landscape and Hardscape Services for Bella Vista, AR

Landscaping should do more than just make your home or business look more put together and inviting. Renovating your landscape can increase the quality of your plant life, prevent against erosion and decay, and combat against groundwater or drainage issues. GNG Underground provides professional landscaping services for customers in Bella Vista and throughout Northwest Arkansas.


Drainage issues are common in Bella Vista and excess water can damage more than just your grass and encourage weed growth. It can also drive water towards your home and seep into your foundation. Over time, this can damage the foundation and create water damage in your home. Proper drainage landscaping will divert water away from your home.


Retaining walls do more than polish the look of your property. They’re meant to hold back soil to prevent erosion and to create level areas in your landscape. By installing retaining walls, you will both increase your property value and help prevent future issues! Our retaining walls can be made from a variety of materials, like concrete, wood, and stone.


Do you have uneven ground on your property, too many large rocks in your soil, or is your land sloping towards your home which causes water to pool? GNG Underground can renovate your lawn to fix any issues you may have. We can help you plan both cosmetic and functional solutions for your landscape.